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Grown all over the world and brought to life in NYC - Honey Moon Coffee strives to produce unique, finely roasted, high quality coffee for the people.

Drink it hot or cold and feel the cosmic buzz of the terroir from which it came.

From green producer to bean grinder, our chain of values is rooted in environmental awareness, transparency, and mutual understanding. We here at Honey Moon are simply one variable in the complex equation, and by acknowledging this we strive to bring greater exposure and support to the communities with which we partner our name and resources.

Within the already saturated market of specialty coffee, our goal is to provide an alternative for the consumer and to be a brand whose values are explicit and honest. This is direct and sustainable sourcing - period. We hope you taste the difference.

Clouds, rain, sun, heat, soil, time... Coffee is made entirely of non-coffee elements. Without them it does not exist. Do you see the cloud in the cup? Do you see the non-human in you?

- Honey Moon Coffee. New York City, 2024

Contact: honeymooncoffeenyc@gmail.com