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Honey Moon Sydra Wave (Whole Bean Coffee, 3 oz.)

Honey Moon Sydra Wave (Whole Bean Coffee, 3 oz.)

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  • Origin: Intag, Ecuador
  • Producer: Pepe Jijón
  • Varietal: Sydra
  • Elevation: 1,515 masl.
  • Process: Natural Wave No. 6

Our relationship with Finca La Soledad in Intag, Ecuador is direct, organic and representative of our foundational values as an independent coffee roaster. To honor Soledad's first visit to New York since we formed Honey Moon, we created this limited offering that showcases both a lesser-known coffee varietal native to Ecuador as well as the philosophical "wave" processing technique (which considers the beans as individual living organisms) that was developed at Soledad.

This offering was produced lovingly by Pepe Jijón and his team on the ground at the farm, roasted at origin and brought by hand to be packaged in New York.

Artwork by Alexander Heir