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La Punta Hermosa (Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz.)

La Punta Hermosa (Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz.)

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  • Origin: Ocobamba, Peru
  • Producer: Finca La Margarita Coffee Reserve
  • Varietal: Catimor
  • Elevation: 1,900 masl.
  • Processes: Experimental Washed, Gesha Mosto Fermentation

Our first collaborative offering with La Margarita Coffee Reserve, an expansive, multigenerational family-run farm nestled high in the mountainous Cusco region of Peru. 

"La Punta Hermosa" (which was coined by the grandfather of the farm and should be interpreted as the beautiful point/journey or destination) is a biodynamic experiment in coffee production; before being fully washed and dried, the beans were infused with the mosto (liquid product of the organic fermentation of ripe coffee cherries) of a nearby Gesha plant on the farm. This extra step of processing enhanced the complexity of the coffee's profile by contributing some wildly tropical and floral components which the Gesha varietal is known for.

La Margarita's forest terrain is currently producing a remarkable menu of specialty coffees, and we're honored to have had a hand in independently bringing this exceptional lot of washed Catimor to New York City for the first time.

Artwork by Alexander Heir